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Where to find Survivalists?

Où trouver des Survivalistes ?

In search of the survivalist life

The phenomenon of survivalism is growing more and more, particularly in France. Many people seek to connect with nature and develop skills to deal with difficult or unexpected situations. Survival courses have become commonplace, sometimes with dramatic consequences such as the food poisoning that occurred during a course organized in Morbihan in August 2020. But where can we find survivalists to exchange and learn together? Here are some ideas.

Famous actors who are fans of survivalism

Thierry Lhermitte, a fan of returning to nature , bought an unusual property in Cantal where he regularly escapes to enjoy nature and horses. Likewise, Jude Law, Alicia Vikander, Ana de Armas and Daniel Brühl will participate in the film “Origin of Species”, which will address themes linked to survivalism.

Survival courses

Many survival courses are organized across France. It is possible to meet survivalists by participating in these training courses, but it is important to do your research before registering, as some can be dangerous. A bill relating to the supervision of survivalism and the fight against abuses and associated threats was also tabled in June 2021.

Forums and social networks

The internet is a great way to find people who share the same passion for survivalism. Forums and groups on social networks allow you to discuss, exchange advice and share experiences around this theme.

  • Specialized forums: sites like LeSurvivaliste.com or FranceSurvivalistes.fr offer discussion spaces dedicated to the different facets of survivalism. Each member can ask questions, share their knowledge and interact with other enthusiasts.
  • Facebook groups: there are several groups dedicated to survivalism, where members can share advice, tips and testimonials. Some groups are regional, which makes it easier to meet survivalists living in the same geographic area.

Clubs and associations

Finally, it is possible to join clubs or associations linked to survivalism, in order to meet enthusiasts and share activities linked to this practice. These structures often organize workshops, outings and survival courses for their members.

Get closer to professionals in the sector

Some professionals in the sector also offer training and internships to learn the basics of survivalism. By contacting these experts, it is possible to meet other people interested in this practice and benefit from sound advice. In addition, these professionals are generally concerned about the safety and well-being of participants, which limits the risks incurred during internships.

Specialized stores

Finally, stores specializing in survival and bushcraft equipment can be an excellent meeting point to chat with other survivalists. You can also discover the components of a survival kit . It is also possible to keep informed of events related to survivalism by regularly consulting the websites and social networks of these brands.

In conclusion , finding survivalists and living a survivalist lifestyle in France is entirely possible, whether by participating in survival courses, joining forums or groups on social networks, or even by visiting specialized stores. The important thing is to find out before committing to an activity or training, in order to pursue your passion in complete safety.